Intelligent Automation

As machine intelligence improves, the type and number of tasks that can be turned over to them increases and new capabilities previously unthinkable are now possible.

With the rapid development of RPA and AI technology the talent being employed to process data, serve customers and solve problems is increasingly digital.  How to deploy this new digital workforce and its potential for human workers are critical questions for every organization – large, small, public and private.

Globe North provides the insight and hands-on experience to ensure your organization takes full advantage of the potential of Intelligent Automation,  prepares your teams for the change, and sets your organization on a course  for success in the digital age.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has fast become a required element of every organization’s strategy – both to capitalize on new opportunities and to avoid digital disruption.

Common challenges include mistaking a technology strategy for a digital strategy, no clear path to scale in automation and overemphasis on reducing cost of current operations vs. powering growth through creation of new value.  At Globe North we help organizations surface and address these challenges in the design, launch & optimization of their digital transformation initiatives.  Our technology partners bring best in class capabilities that traverse the intelligent automation spectrum.  Together we help organizations chart a course to digital excellence.