The age of digital business requires continuous review of strategy and best in class execution.

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Digital transformation has fast become a required element of every organization’s strategy – both to capitalize on exciting new opportunities and to avoid digital disruption.

At Globe North we believe digital transformation is a continuous cycle requiring agile, rapid innovation.  Winning solutions begin with a focus on creating new value, require strong process insight and leverage state-of-the-art technology to transform performance and customer experience.   Key to success is harnessing the power of data to anticipate customer needs and facilitate machine learning.  The pace of evolving digital capabilities requires building capabilities, competencies and capacity within organizations and across ecosystems.


Challenges in Digital Transformation

  • Focusing on technology vs customer & process first
  • Thinking too small
  • Being slow to move vs. agile
  • Balancing speed with governance
  • What to do inside vs. leveraging external partners
  • Knowing how to engage employees in automation
  • Preparing to manage digital as well as human resources
  • Getting to scale in automation
  • Realizing benefit
  • Deciding where to start

At Globe North we help organizations surface and address these challenges in the design, launch & optimization of their digital transformation initiatives.

Transformation Strategy Services

Digital Landscape – What are the latest developments in digital transformation levers including AI, RPA, Low Code development, IoT, Mobility, and Blockchain?  How are these being leveraged to transform your industry or in other industries with similar processes?  How well are you positioned to capitalize on these developments?

Transformation Roadmap – What could your customer’s and employees experience look like in a digitally transformed world?  What tools in the digital toolkit alone or in combination will be used to get you there?  What internal competencies and external partnerships are required?

Strategy Execution – How is all this transformation governed? Do you need a Digital Center of Excellence?  How are you engaging your customers and employees in your digital journey?  What is your scheme for benefit realization?

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