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Blockchain and You – Taking a Process View

Gartner’s 2018 survey of CIO’s found most companies do not yet have plans to adopt blockchain and only 1 percent have implemented the technology in one form or another.  Most have heard of Bitcoin but beyond cryptocurrency many may not have a sense of potential use cases in their businesses. But companies having a hard time figuring out how blockchain fits into their existing business processes may well soon be disrupted by startups leveraging digital ledgers in wholly new offerings. Increasing your blockchain awareness is key to reducing the threat of disruption and to including blockchain as as element in digital transformation for your organization. In this article we provide a brief primer on what blockchain is, benefits of blockchain and then take a process vie...

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Enterprise Process Management

Complexity Limits Potential for Transformation

  Process complexity holding us back In its 2016 Global Transformation Study, KPMG found the complexity of the operating model was the number one reason why transformation efforts fail. According to Gartner's 2015 study on Digital Business, lack of business process maturity will limit 80% of businesses from realizing the full potential of going digital.  As organizations ramp up investment in digital business capabilities, failure to comprehend and master complexity can be a fatal flaw, blocking effective strategy execution.  How can this be?  Process improvement has been a major focus of business for decades.  And yet here we are - in a world overwhelming in its complexity.  How is it that after all the time, energy and money organizations have invested in making work simpl...

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