has decades of experience leading business transformation in the public and private sectors, successfully coaching organizations through the change process, leveraging all the tools  – people, process and technology  – in the transformation toolkit.



Digital Transformation

Questions to Consider:
  • What does the digital landscape look like in your industry?
  • Are your products and processes designed with digital in mind?
  • Are you positioned as a disruptor or are you in danger of being disrupted?


Process and Automation

Questions to Consider:
  • What processes are most critical to automate?
  • What are the right tools to use in automating?
  • How do you get started developing automation capability in your organization?

Enterprise Transformation

Questions to Consider:
  • Is your  strategy and roadmap clear?
  • Is your organization’s operating model optimized for your strategy?
  • Do you have the internal competencies required or will you need to partner to transform?
  • Is execution  – pace and level of results – meeting expectations?